Visit The Salwolrks of the Midi

A site of exceptional natural beauty where the pure white hills of the collected salt rise out of the vast expanses of pale pink water as far as the eye can see.

In high season take the little train which circulates within the site for a visit of over an hour with a commentary.  This is the best time to see the workers collecting the salt.

You can also do the visit by bicycle ( bike hire available), with a guide, allow 3 hours for the tour.

If you are a large group you can organise a private group tour.  Ask for a brochure at the reception in the campsite.

For further

Tél. 04 66 73 40 24L


La Camargue, un site de prédilection

The Camargue,  a site of first choice

The salt is taken from the mediterranean sea water which enters the site through special equipment on the beach.  It is of both culinary and industrial quality as well as the famous fleur de sel, salt flower, collected manually each  year.

You can visit the site from Spring to Autumn on the little train or in a 4 wheel drive vehicule with a guide.

The harvest begins in August and finishes in October.  The salt is stored in huge piles known as « camelles » which are visible from the distance.

To come here is to go far, as the advertisements say.

Betaling van het saldo online

Payment of the balance online

Paiement du solde en ligne