Nature Trails

Close by the campsite are two marked tracks open to pedestrians and cyclists but closed to vehicular traffic: the nearer, 500m from the campsite, links Gallician with  Vauvert.  The second, known as the Via Rhona, 2000m from the campsite, links the little canal port at Gallician with Aigues Mortes and Le Grau du Roi.

Via Rhona

Galician à Vauvert

Take to the fresh air on your holidays thanks to 2 trails close by the CampingLE MAS DE MOURGUES

First, just 500m from the campsite short track linking two villages of the Petite Camargue: the little hamlet of Gallician and the town of Vauvert, 7km of track running alongside the canal du Bas-Rhone Langedoc, which irrigates the area’s vineyards and fruit orchards.  This track forms part of the 24km cycle route known as the « boucle cyclo-découverte ».


The second trail , from Gallician to Le Grau du Roi, is LA VIA RHONA.


Between land and sea, alongside the canal du Rhone à Sete and the maritime canal you can follow the VIA RHONA to the river Rhone ! The part of the track which runs from GALLICIAN as far as the beach of L’Espiguette at LE GRAU DU ROI- PORT CAMARGUE is an extension of the track from VAUVERT to GALLICIAN.  It takes you across the Camargue Gardoise, Grand Site de France in all its wild and natural beauty.

Places to visit on the way:  the port at GALLICIAN, the Canal du Rhone à Sète, the Tour Carbonnière , which you can climb to enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding marshlands, Aigues Mortes, a fortified town dating from the middle ages, Le Grau du Roi, a fishing village , Port Camargue, the beach at L’Espiguette….


24kms open to all, slow or sporty, by bike, on foot, skateboards or roller blades…


The department of the Gard has been actively promoting cycle routes for several years.  Once the current programme is completed there will be no less than 375kms of cycle routes and nature trails open to the public.


If you don’t go in for cycling try one of these other ways to explore the magnificent Camargue countryside:

On Foot:

A useful booklet : The Gard On Foot ( ref D030) describes 53 marked walks and rambles throughout the department.  It is available from bookshops and sports shops


On Safari 4×4 ( Camargue Autrement)

 No need to head for Australia or the Wild West to find adventure.  At Le Grau du Roi you will find a Camargue guide who will take you in his 4 wheel drive off the beaten track to discover rice fields, marshes, herds of Camargue bulls, horses, flamingos..  The breeders of bulls and horses will show you round and if you wish, provide a typical meal made with local produce.



The Scamandre Nature Reserve and Information Centre:

At just a few kilometers from the campsite leave your car or bike in the car park and enter on foot this nature reserve of 215 hectares surrounded by the most extensive harvested reed beds in western Europe.  The site of the Camargue Gardoise constitutes an ecological entity  whose richness and also whose  fragility are widely recognized.  The Centre Scamandre is open to visitors in its information centre and also on the paths within the nature reserve.

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